Quiz Monday: 5/3

03.05.2021, 12:05

Monday is quiz day!Which piece is not required for completing the puzzle?Write it in the comments.Source:

Compensation for technical problems

06.04.2021, 21:14

As many of you have noticed, there was a problem with our game Zoo2: Animal Park on the weekend. It took a couple of hours to fix it, but since you couldn’t collect Easter Eggs during that time, the team decided to give all of you a compensation. You have been credited with 750 Easter Eggs for the e... (read more)

Fir Grove

03.03.2021, 10:03

The time has come!The new region Fir Grove, where you can build your second zoo, is unlocked for all players on all platforms.If you have reached at least level 59, a series of quests will start. As soon as you have completed these, you can design the new zoo according to your wishes.We wish you lot... (read more)

A new Collection to the Visitor Center in Zoo2!

05.10.2020, 23:59

What do you call a wolf who gets lost? A where-wolf!We're pleased to present a new collection in the Visitor Center:Collect and breed animals to unlock a second Maned Wolf!Source: