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I've waited 2 weeks and my order still hasn't come in.

Added Flenyrten 22.12.2019, 19:53

Gamekit I've waited for 2 weeks for x2 of my $2-50 steam cards and a $2 steam card. 3 orders have been taking 2 weeks long, also the funny part is that I won a giveaway ($5 steam card) and they ended up finishing the order within a day. I also got a 50 cent steam card from them which took a day to complete. Gamekit don't give me that same "our supplier is running low" when you clearly have enough to give to giveaways. I want my prizes, i wasted my time on these stupid games and I want prizes.

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26.12.2019, 07:40

Hello, Flenyrten. Those cards are supplied differently and are more specific. Since they are harder to get, it can take longer for us to get them, as you have experienced.
If you would like to refund those orders, you can contact support at for this. This way, you can order the steam cards that come in faster.