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"We can't find the task with this parameters."

Added Mr. 15.12.2019, 05:14

I registered through the link, played 1 battle and then entered my nickname. Nickname got accepted. Quest 1 is to play at leat 1 battle with tier II ship. I won 2 battles with Tier 2 ship. There is no screenshot to upload, just a "confirm" button to press and when I press it i get the error:
"We can't find the task with this parameters. If the problem occurs, please contact our support team"
Does that mean I have to wait 72hours before pressing confirm or what?

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15.12.2019, 19:31
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Yeah, I've been getting the same error every time, and I'm nearly done all the tasks. As it says, contact support, they'll ask you for a screenshot showing you did the task, and approve you that way.



16.12.2019, 07:47

@lynx. thanks. How do you know what are the remaining tasks while waiting for the 1st task to get approved? What are the rest of the tasks? They asked me to wait 72hours...



18.12.2019, 20:50

I don't even have a button to press for confirmation