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LEVELS ARE COMPLETELY REMOVED The quests are no longer possible.

Added MJ 05.04.2019, 01:00

As of April 1st the Levels in this game were removed with a mandatory update. Since the quests relied on reaching up to level 15 the quests for this game can no longer be completed. I was at Quest 7 of 7 to reach level 15 for 400exp and 2500pts. That is no longer possible. What will be done regarding this?

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05.04.2019, 09:16

Hi MJ,
Inorder to see the level you have to go to profile and then service record.



11.04.2019, 14:08

Hey there MJ, account levels are now tracked by Service Record badges. You can see which badge is for which level here: I found this link on another forum post.

Thank you for your help, Foxo. Interpreting which badge applies to which account level is difficult without the link I provided.