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Added szainzain007 04.04.2017, 02:42

I understand this isn't for WOW but I need help with two surveys I completed. So I have finished exactly these kinds of surveys before the ps4 and coca cola and other ads, but when I finished them multiple times, different ways, with 100% correct info, and it even told me I was done, it didnt give me my 600+ points. I completed two surveys worth 600 points and one was 400 something idk. Please help! It literally made me go onto the next pages because I put in valid information, I did all silver gold platinum offers, I did everything every possible way, and It didn't give me my points. I have gotten pts on Gamekit before because I use it a lot these days and for some reason the surveys dont seem to work for me. Please help, it would mean a lot! Thanks again

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04.04.2017, 03:33

From what I have learned from experience, surveys only work 25% of the time. The other 75% they do not work. If I were you I would submit a support ticket here with proof you did them:

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