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Cant get points

Added subsub090 11.02.2017, 03:14

Played a battle with a tier ll ship but cant get points what to do?

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11.02.2017, 06:09

I don't know the same thing is happening to me



11.02.2017, 08:51

Hello subsub090, i'm sorry to hear that you've some problems with this game. I have deleted your other threads since that was spam. After that, you have to understand that the system is not instantaneous but you have to wait for a while. Our mods works really hard in order to be the faster as possible but we receive almost a thousand of screens per hour so, please, be patient. Told that, if you want to be sure about what's going on with your points you can always contact our technical support and they'll answer to all of your questions. :)

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