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How long til I get my points?

Added Arthur 04.02.2017, 02:45

DId the first quest? how long does it process til I get my 2k?

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04.02.2017, 14:54
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Hi Arthur,

Please be patient and wait for a while, the process isn't instant :D



05.02.2017, 10:14
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Hello Arthur, i'm sorry to ear that you're having some issues with gamekit. I'll tell you the same thing that i've told to another thread of this forum. When you send a screenshot it'll require a wile in order to be checked by our moderators. I can assure that those guys working really hard in order to be as fast as they can but, you have to understand that there are thousand of screen every hour. You are so many! :) But don't worry, all the screens will be checked and, if you've done everything right, you'll receive your points for sure! If you find some problems, remember to contact technical support and they'll help you. :D

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