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Should have looked at other people having problems before I tried too.

Added Kyle 19.01.2017, 01:59

About an hour past the 3 battles I had with a tier II ship (even though you only need one) and still no update on my quest completion nor points. I would understand if points came later but I really would like to be able to continue completing everything that needs to be done before the 3 day timer is up.

I hope this gets resolved soon, because I was so amped to tell everyone about this site.

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24.01.2017, 00:42
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Yeah, I'm having the same issue at the moment. I've completed the requirements for Quest 1 (Play 1 battle with tier 2 Battleship), however I haven't received the indicated 2000 points yet, nor have I been able to progress to the next quest.

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