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My order says the maximum completion date was 2 days ago:( what the heck

Added Yadiel 17.01.2017, 01:33

completion date says 2 days ago. will it evenn give me what it promises? is this website fake?

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17.01.2017, 03:39

its a real website... how long have you waited. it should only take max of a week or so

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01.04.2017, 16:49
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Got one day left on mine, worried I'm going to end up in the same boat. Did you ever get yours?



02.04.2017, 00:43
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Submit a support ticket here

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03.04.2017, 21:36

I've gotten 3 of my 1500< points orders. They have even taken priority over my main order which was Battlefield 1 for <20k points. Anyone going for that prize needs to know it's not distributed the same way as the smaller ones. No clear indication on what is happening either 1 day after maximum completion date. Worked hard to save those points, I really hope they aren't completely skimping on the bigger prizes. Sent in a ticket several days ago, still no response. It seems to me some sort of distribution indication is needed here. TOS does say up to 30 days to fill order, so I'm hoping it's in the mail, or I'm just waiting on a resupply. I still have a bit of faith. :)

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03.04.2017, 22:12
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Just got this response from a moderator "Hi :)

I apologize for the inconvenience. We are waiting for new keys from our provider and as soon as we receive them we will proceed to verify and (if everythaing is ok) to complete your order.
Sorry again for this delay. "

Faith restored. :)

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06.04.2017, 15:46

They don't really have it... I'm starting to assume they only give lower name keys here. It's said it's been in stock the last 3 weeks. Meanwhile I've been going back and fourth with my ticket with them telling me it's "out of stock" and they have no idea when they are going to get more. Figured I would warn anyone assuming they are distributed the same as the lower cost keys on this site.



06.04.2017, 16:09
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I ordered cs go a month ago and got it in a day. I am ordering it again for a friend and it is 2 days over the completion date.

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07.04.2017, 18:41

^^^ Superuseful response, thanks! I finally got mine as well. It seems sometimes they run out of stock without an opportunity to update the webpage. Although it appears they monitor their LOL and CS addon prizes a little closer than the games. Anyhow, they did come through in all the anticipation.



17.07.2017, 19:48

do the codes come in emails or in the mail



08.04.2018, 19:40

Got 1 day over my League Points order, still nothing, even nothing from the ticket I sent same day



19.07.2018, 05:43
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I've been waiting 23 days for my product. currently 3 days over maximum completion date



02.12.2018, 00:29

I have about 6 orders PAST my Maximum completion date by a week or more, yes a week or two weeks PAST the max date. Kind of getting worried I may have wasted my time doing these quests. I have posted support tickets and my first response was " thank you for contacting us! I am sorry that you have to wait but our suppliers are unfortunately late and we don't have any ETA of your order at the moment :(" a couple days later I replied asking for an update and they said "Unfortunately it seems that the situation did not change :( If you wish we can cancel your order, this way you will get back your points." Worried I have been scammed.



02.12.2018, 15:44

Hello, Julio. Do not worry, you will get your products that you ordered. We are currently backed up a lot and our suppliers cannot keep up. Please be patient.

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