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Patience is Key

Added Lucas 07.01.2017, 20:16

Alright let me clarify something guys, I keep seeing all these "didn't get reward" threads, and it's somewhat spammish, just have patience, the rewards will get to you if you did everything correctly, it just takes time. I finished this quest yesterday, took about 3 hours for each quest verification. If you do everything correctly, you will get your reward... I'm pretty sure the verification just takes a while because the website communicates with World of Warships in a limited fashion (like an API limit or something, only a certain amount of requests are allowed to be sent per hour and such).

So please, have patience, and if after a day or two you still don't have your reward, make sure you did everything correctly, entered your nickname correctly, and selected the right server location. If you did everything correctly and you still don't have your reward after a decent amount of time, contact Gamekit Support via a ticket.

Alright, that's all folks. Cya.

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