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can we even get points ?

Added Jasper 05.01.2017, 12:47

iv been waiting a few hours now to even start quests and it wont let me it just sais checking , the wait times for an automated check are insane , it should be done by a server if this is done by person and they arent going to stay on top of it then this site should not exist cause its practically scamming people to play games for other companys so this site can make a profit on getting others to join. if this site does what it sais then it shouldnt make people wait. and their should be better ways to earn points

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The One

05.01.2017, 17:09
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there are people that are moderators, and they cannot be on all the time, so they check as many things as they can when they have the time, and this is not a scam just because of wait times.



05.01.2017, 22:48

well awsome ,it would be seem so. its nice to know their is people in thier community. i still think earning points can be tedious but i guess it has to be that way or else they wouldnt have enough stuff to reward us with. also think a server system would be nice to save moderators from having to check for people all the time. some kind of automated system to do the work instantaniously



05.01.2017, 22:50

what is the best way you guys have found to earn points ? im basically doing this to try and earn a few steam codes to build my library and the challenge im doing is tedious cause it took like a day to install world of warships cause of a missing xml file and had to re install but then im playing and it just wants me to play for hours to get a tier three ship

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