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stupid bet my posts dont get approved to this forum

Added Tim 08.12.2016, 06:40

Amazing, just like every other scam on the internet, the forum /comments/any user interaction is "awaiting moderate approval" and unless you have something positive to say, don't bother saying it because they will never approve it. Why not just approve it then fucking take the time to defend your shit website, instead of just making users feel like your'e a scam and alienating them.

Your marketing practices are questionable at best, and at worse you're an out and out scam

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01.01.2017, 18:45

It's probably the way you are bashing the website and people in and around it for you shit. Do something about it, and send in a fucking ticket to get your issue resolved instead of bitching about your problems. This site works and there is, of course, those who get some hiccups, and what they do is send in a ticket to the contact section to get their issue solved. Instead of moaning and whining in this forum, contact someone in the site who can fix your issue, because the more time you waste, the less of a chance you'll get any result.

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