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WTF why didn't my 2nd quest work?

Added alwill101 12.11.2016, 00:15

Why didn't my 2nd quest work i played on a tier 3 ship last night then logged off and when i come home it tells me that i didn't play on the ship and the game has recs to show that i was playing on a tier 3 US destroyer class. Why did i get jipped out of my 2500 points. this does not make any sense

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12.11.2016, 01:34
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same thing happened to me, it's been almost 24 hours

User deleted

12.11.2016, 04:25
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most of the problem is i believe human beings have to check, and since this is European based they dont get aroudn to it too often. I dont know how active the staff are, either



13.11.2016, 22:07
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so the staff are just leading us to do the quests then not giving us rewards for doing it. wow



13.11.2016, 22:09
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me two but it was with the tier 2 ship quest