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Rewarded Points Early - Quest 3

Added Orion 12.10.2016, 13:16

While checking in on my screenshot verification for Rift, I noticed that my point total was somewhat inflated; namely, I had more than I should at that stage. I quickly browsed the notifications and saw, to my surprise, that I'd been provided credit for Quest 3 in World of Warships ("Fight 2 battle with 2 more Tier 3 ships") despite having only fought with one more Tier 3.

I believe the error stems from the use of my Tier 3 used to complete Quest 2 ("Fight a battle with a Tier 3 ship") when I participated in another battle with it while waiting for an unfortunate loss to resolve.

I have since spent nearly three hours in World of Warships amending this oversight by farming my way up to the acquisition of another Tier 3 and fighting with it, as you can see in my screenshot below, thus I am entirely deserving of these points; nonetheless, I thought it best to inform the GameKit staff that this error has occurred and may occur with other accounts as well.

So: be aware that the Tier 3 ship you use to complete Quest 2 may, inadvertently, be counted toward your progress on Quest 3 as well. You should continue to play until you've actually fought with THREE unique Tier 3 ships in the game.

Thank you to all the GameKit employees and volunteers, along with the fine people at Wargaming and Lesta Studios for providing us this game...

My port, displaying all three of the Tier 3 ships I fought with for credit.

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12.10.2016, 13:19

There is a possibility that I misinterpreted the quest text, which reads...

Play 2 more battles with 2 different tier 3 ships (World of Warships)

...but I believe by "different" they mean "unique" and thus the Tier 3 used for Quest 2 should not count. In any case, I have now fought with 3 and will gladly accept my well-deserved points. I hope you all enjoy the game to the same extent I have and plan to continue.



28.11.2016, 00:19

I had also misinterpreted that, my friend and I were always debating which one it was, but thanks for this, now I know my friend was right and its only the tier 3 ship that was used in quest 2 and a different tier 3 ship. Phew, I thought that was going to be a lot harder, haha.



08.01.2017, 03:02

does it have to be 3 different ships from 3 different countries ?



08.01.2017, 05:08

No, as noted in my initial post you can complete this quest with the Tier 3 ship used in quest 2 and any other Tier 3. In other words, simply unlock ONE new Tier 3 ship from any country and you're done.

I created this thread as I was under the impression something must have gone awry when the quest was coded, as it's clearly counting the Tier 3 from quest 2 in the completion criteria making it eminently easier than its predecessor.

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