Sea Smackdown 16: Atlantic Showdown

18.10.2017, 22:32

Witness Another Maritime Melee! North American (NA) player johnnyjr100 demolishes enemies in the HMS Minotaur originally built in 1905 was the lead ship of the Minotaur-class armored cruiser built for the Royal Navy. Read on to find out if this ship scores higher than Europe (EU) player&nb... (read more)

Join the Revolution for a FREE New Ship

08.10.2017, 19:12

(10/6) Captains are now eligible for a Main Armaments Mod. Completing a single battle after completing the final mission for Week 1(10/5) World of Warships made an unfortunate mistake due to this the Main Battery Mod has been added as a reward for the final mission of Week 1... (read more)

Darkness Draws Near

06.10.2017, 02:36

Calm Before the Storm Something is coming, I can see it in sight. The Darkness and monsters are in the distance.All month long we're releasing a clash between eldritch forces, and the brave few who make their stand. You will be pushed, you will be frightened, and you will prove yourself worthy. ... (read more)

Patch Update 0.6.11

19.09.2017, 10:48

Oil, a Clan based currency, will be introduced that will allow your clan to construct features for your Naval Base. Only if you are in a Clan will you receive this new resource. For each container rewarded through missions and events, 10 Oil will be rewarded to the players wallet as well as 10 Oil t... (read more)