Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

21.10.2019, 23:59

On October 23, the seventh Clan Battles Season starts, offering a great opportunity to obtain Steel and other valuable rewards.This publication will tell you about the main rules and rewards of the Season. We'll also tell you what Clans are, why it’s a great idea to join one, and what in-game bonuse... (read more)

Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

15.10.2019, 23:59

Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailablefrom: Thu. 17 Oct. 06:00 CET (UTC+1)until: Thu. 17 Oct. 09:00 CET (UTC+1)Update 0.8.9 kicks off a cycle of updates dedicated to Italy! Let’s talk about what it’s bringing with it.Italian Tier V–VIII cruisers in Early Acce... (read more)

Halloween: Nightmare Operations

09.10.2019, 23:59

In the dark night that bridges October 31 and November 1, hordes of dismal evil creatures squeeze out of their shelters and creep all around the earth, set on conquering new lands!But don’t be afraid—World of Warships Commanders are out on the hunt for them in the name of glorious tradition. Last ye... (read more)

Ranked Sprint

01.10.2019, 23:59

This time, we have an action-packed season of a short duration, with Ranked Battles unfolding in Domination mode on Tier VIII ships. If you missed the previous seasons of Ranked Sprint and want to know more about it, our article is designed to answer your questions.KEY RULESWhat makes a Ranked Sprin... (read more)

King of the Sea IX Tournament – Sign Up Now!

23.09.2019, 23:59

King of the Sea IX"It is good to be king!"World of Warships' most popular tournament is back! This October, the top teams from each server will clash for the right to be crowned with their region's King of the Sea flag. This time, the winning teams from the EU server will be facing off against NA's ... (read more)

Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

15.09.2019, 23:59

Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailableFrom: Tue. 17 Sep. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)Until: Tue. 17 Sep. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)Update size: 2.9 GBYet another year has passed on our voyage, and we’ve been busy getting ready for the celebrations dedicated to World of Warship... (read more)

Ranked Sprint

03.09.2019, 23:59

Brace yourselves for heated naval action in a new season of Ranked Sprint that will be fought with Tier VI ships in the Domination game mode. If you missed the previous seasons of Ranked Sprint and want to know more about it, our article is designed to answer your questions.KEY RULESThis time, we ha... (read more)

gamescom 2019 Recap

26.08.2019, 23:59

gamescom 2019 has come to a close!This year we got a sneak peek at Submarines, new German ships, heroic commanders, and more!If you missed out on our special announcement stream last Wednesday, here are the main takeaways from the event.Please note: the content shown below is a work in progress and ... (read more)

Combat Missions in Update 0.8.7

22.08.2019, 23:59

Captains!The coming Update will provide you with a whole bunch of opportunities to earn valuable and useful in-game items—credits; signals; camouflages; the unique French Commander, Philippe Auboyneau; and Premium Tier VI–VIII ships.Keep an eye on the website each Thursday for our weekly Combat Miss... (read more)

Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

12.08.2019, 23:59

A new Ranked Battles season for Tier IX ships starts soon.Join the fight on your "nines" and win valuable prizes: credits, camouflage patterns, signals, and doubloons, as well as over 5,000 Steel, which can be exchanged for unique ships in the Armory.RewardsThe overall reward remains the same—a tota... (read more)

Armada: Mogador

30.07.2019, 23:59

The French destroyer leader, Mogador, was one of the largest and most powerful ships of her type in history.In terms of her armament and dimensions, she was comparable to a light cruiser, and very few ships in the world could rival her speed. In World of Warships you have an opportunity to see how M... (read more)

Hit the Tier VI Milestone in 10 Simple Steps

22.07.2019, 23:59

Captains!New to the game? Have you been recently recruited? Then this guide is for you!Are you a Recruiter? Share this article with your Recruits and watch them develop!A friend in need is a friend indeed! With our PayPal recruitment promotion soon coming to an end, these words might ring true for a... (read more)

Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

16.07.2019, 23:59

Commanders, the Sixth Season of Clan Battles—codenamed "Neighbors"—is knocking on your doors!We've changed the rules of this Season to allow a larger number of players to participate in Clan Battles, with teams of six players invited to the fight. All Tier VIII ships are eligible, except for aircraf... (read more)

French Destroyers: The History

08.07.2019, 23:59

To celebrate, we’ve prepared an article on how the original ships came into being, and how we went about recreating them in the game. We hope you'll find this information interesting, as we’ve tried to provide a detailed overview of every destroyer in the new branch.Now, let's take a closer look at ... (read more)

Clan Brawl

05.07.2019, 23:59

The Clan Brawl is a new battle format for Clans. How does it differ from Clan Battles? What rewards await those who participate? You'll find the answers to these and other questions below!Basic RulesDear players, please note that there was previously a mistake in this article. In fact, aircraft carr... (read more)

Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

24.06.2019, 23:59

Nine modified destroyers in a brand new four-team game mode, an array of post-apocalyptic camouflages, and enclosing Wall of Fire that forces close-quarters brawls.Post-apocalypse now! Can you survive the fight between four teams?Quick factsNew Port and map.Fight in the new “Savage Battle”, where 4 ... (read more)

Ship Scuttling at Scapa Flow

19.06.2019, 23:59

Participate in a set of activities on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the High Seas Fleet by clicking the "Take Part" button. Complete a special combat mission and receive a unique commemorative flag for your involvement.Start: Fri. 14 Jun. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)End: Fri. 28 Jun.... (read more)

Ranked Sprint

11.06.2019, 23:59

Prepare for heated battles in two new seasons of Ranked Sprint on Tier VII ships.The Rules have changed a little: the fifth season will be fought in Domination mode, and the sixth season—in the Updated Epicenter mode. If you missed the previous seasons of Ranked Sprint and want to know more about it... (read more)

Public Test of Update 0.8.5: Round 1

05.06.2019, 23:59

Commanders, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.8.5!The Public Test offers you the opportunity to check out a new format of battles, with four teams fighting in a Post-Apocalyptic environment, new penetration mechanics, and a Ranked Battle Sprint! Read the Developer Bulletin and join the test!Rou... (read more)

Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

29.05.2019, 23:59

Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable:From: Thu. 30 May 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)Until: Thu. 30 May 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)Update size: 790 MBSoviet battleships are coming into service! Update 0.8.4 ushers in the second round of the "Victory" competition; a new unique h... (read more)

Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

21.05.2019, 23:59

It's time for a new season of Ranked Battles, and this one’s going to be played on Tier X ships!Aircraft carriers return to the competitive mode, along with a number of rental ships which will allow you to join the fight even if you don't have any Tier X ships in your Port yet. The rewards for this ... (read more)

May Combat Missions: End of WWII in Europe

06.05.2019, 23:59

Captains!With this news, we traditionally share all of the information about the current month’s combat missions. May is going to be eventful, so do expect the news to be updated further.XP bonusStart:Wed. 01 May 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)End:Fri. 10 May 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)Discounts and bonuses:+200% XP for ... (read more)

Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

06.05.2019, 23:59

Captains,We continue to work on improving the gameplay of aircraft carriers and today we would like to tell you about the changes that are being prepared for the next few updates.Please remember that plans sometimes change. The information below is preliminary: deadlines may be moved, and a little l... (read more)

Premium Aircraft Carriers—They're All Here!

22.04.2019, 23:59

Legendary aircraft carriers return to the Premium Shop!With Update 0.8.0, all of the old Premium aircraft carriers moved to Tier VIII. All three types of aircraft can be found on their decks, but many of them have their own peculiarities that differentiate them from researchable ships. Let's take a ... (read more)

Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

03.04.2019, 23:59

Version 0.8.3 kicks off a cycle of updates focusing on Soviet battleships. Take part in a friendly competition entitled "Victory", moor your ships at the renovated Black Sea Port, and try out new camouflages!IMPORTANT! Because the update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is ten... (read more)