Fifth Brawl

08.10.2021, 23:59

The fifth Brawl utilizes a 3 vs. 3 format and Tier VIII ships. Don't miss this opportunity to fight for Credits, Coal, and Elite Commander XP!Brawls are a separate battle type with short seasons and a smaller team format—expect the battles to be more dynamic and fast-paced compared to other battle t... (read more)

Welcome Our New Show—"Rico/Chet!"

22.09.2021, 23:59

Captains! Are you ready to witness the most incredible ship-focused show in the world? Like the idea of observing fearless experiments and insane records? If that sounds good to you, then our crazy new "Rico/Chet" series will be right up your alley!In the first episode of "Rico/Chet," X Yamato and X... (read more)

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