Does the fun diminish as you go up tiers?

Added Peter 22.04.2014, 16:15

Having played world of Tanks for some time and recently tried this (i did partake in Beta but found I wasn't impressed at the time) I wondered if the fun I'm having whizzing around in biplanes is replicated as you climb the tiers? High tier battles in World of Tanks is not as much 'fun' as the lower tiers as it gets expensive to have a bad game; is this the same for WoW?

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22.04.2014, 17:19

Well certainly the prices and experience cost of everything sky rockets. But I wouldn't worry too much as you can still be a fun maneuverable little wasp as long as you go down the fighter line. If all you want is fun then best avoid the bombers and heavy fighters due to the lack of this, however you will find extra health does help.

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