Quest 1 Rejected

Added NuKlearParaddox 10.11.2019, 19:05

As usual, I first go to the forum to clarify myself how to complete certain quests. For the first quest I am required to finish a random battle from the tutorial, so I did. Then I sent a screenshot and got rejected. I looked on the forum again and found that some admin stated that you just have to take a screenshot of the main menu with your nickname visible on it, so I went ahead and took a screenshot. I waited and then got rejected. What should I do? Any help is really appreciated :)

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10.11.2019, 19:59
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I would also appreciate some help. I left the tutorial at first because it said I had to finish one battle before entering my nickname here on Gamekit, then went BACK to the tutorial when the first quest told me to finish the random battle from the tutorial. So I finished the random battle, and then it told me that I had completed the tutorial.. I went to the main screen, where you go into battle, clicked the notifications where it said I completed the tutorial and took a screenshot. My nickname was visible, it was the main menu that I thought the admin on another post was talking about, just with a little pop up notification in the corner. It was rejected saying "Due to our anti-cheating rules, the level has to be the exactly the same as the level required by the quest". I don't know how else to show that I completed it, because the random battle was the end of the tutorial for me (and I assumed everyone else?). Again some help would be appreciated, and I hope that its alright I'm posting this here since its pretty much the same problem, rather than making a whole other post on it.



10.11.2019, 21:04

Issue resolved! The actual quest states that you have to play a battle FROM the tutorial which confuses a lot of people, including me. In reality you have to play a battle after the tutorial not before or during the tutorial. Take a screenshot of your first completed random battle against real people. I do not know if you have to win or lose, in my case I won, and the screenshot got accepted. Good luck to everyone!

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