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Quest 3 HELP!!!

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Hey guys I haven been able to get even 1 tier 3 tank and I have 10 days to complete this... Can someone add me on skype: Elijah YT Or reply to this form how to do it please help!

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09.07.2017, 01:00

Never played world of tanks but i have played world of warships. I'm pretty sure all you have to do is get enough research points and money to research a tier 3 ship and buy it. do online battles for more research points.



11.07.2017, 16:44

Basically what you have to do is buy a tier 2 tank: play with that one till you get XP (In that tank) to unlock it's tier3 tank(s). You have to do this for at least 3 "trees" to get the tier 3 tanks unlocked.