Fair Play Update

14.07.2021, 23:59

Commanders!World of Tanks has always been open to modifications and customizations, as long as they are in line with our Fair Play Policy. But we keep out unwanted, cheating, and harmful software that manipulates gameplay and provides unfair advantages. We want to make it clear once again that we ha... (read more)

Developer Diaries: Italian Heavy Tanks

01.10.2020, 23:59

Commanders!Soon, Italian heavy tanks will give their debut on the battlefield in the World of Tanks Supertest!These vehicles will feature a unique auto-reloading system. Check out our latest developer diary, where the developers share all the details about the upcoming branch and the new mechanic.We... (read more)

Ranked Battles: Season 2019-2020 Is Over

07.04.2020, 23:59

Commanders!The latest Ranked Battles Season has come to an end and the best among you left their mark in the Hall of Fame. Of course, those who weren’t able to follow our Fair Play Policy have been removed, which means 494 accounts have been blocked for a week, while 184 accounts have been permanent... (read more)

Clan Rivals: Register Now!

15.07.2019, 23:59

Commanders!If you think summer means truce between the World of Tanks' clans, you could not be more wrong! The temperature is rising, and so is the rivalry between the best tankers out there. So get ready for the first edition of our new tournament: Clan Rivals. A 15 vs 15 epic with great surprises.... (read more)

Team Battles Mode Discontinued

11.07.2019, 23:59

Our most engaged players are probably aware of a mode called Team Battles. Team Battles are played in a special format (7/54 players, 2 bases), which is not used in other game modes.Team Battles was originally developed because it was aligned with our competitive format. But while World of Tanks evo... (read more)

Tank Factor Voting Now Open

24.10.2017, 02:55

Many World of Tanks fans have been creating, and submitting a range of remixes, and covers for the new World of Tanks main theme. It is now time to decide which one of these should be selected in the top 50 in each category.You can now go vote for your favorite at the Tank Factor website.Applicants ... (read more)

Friday the 13th Weekend

18.10.2017, 22:35

Friday the 13th is known to be the unluckiest day of the year yet very little is known about this day's origin of the day's notoriety. Some say the superstitions arose in the 19th century. On the weekend of Friday the 13th you can now earn rewards on World of Tanks. Friday the 13th Weekend Oct. 13-1... (read more)

The Chieftain's Hatch: Clark Hydraulic Tank

10.10.2017, 15:32

World of Tanks has just completed the Seasonal Classic, and now they have finally placed a winner.World of Tanks, had a Seasonal Classic where 128 teams went to battle in a tournament.1st Place Winners200,000 Gold2nd Place Winners150,000 Gold3rd Place Winners75,000 GoldThe first day of the astonishi... (read more)

World of Tanks is Coming to FACTS, Belgium!

08.10.2017, 19:07

Wargaming is coming to Belgium's ultimate comic con! FACTS is coming to GHENT (City in Belgium) to unite gamers around the world. Wargaming, and World of Tanks will be there for PlayStation 4 and Xbox.   FACTS is one of the biggest comics, Sci-Fi, and anime festival in the Benelux. FACTS is th... (read more)

The “New” Newcomer’s Guide

06.10.2017, 02:39

World of Tanks is very excited to share that they have totally revamped the Newcomer's Guide, now you can view how to interact, and use the World of Tanks website easily, and effectively.   With this Newcomer's Guide World of Tanks has various answers to several frequently asked ... (read more)

Tank Factor Remix Contest

25.09.2017, 13:18

Since music is such a huge part of gaming, World of Tanks has teamed up with heavy metal band Sabaton and renknown game musical artist Akira Yamaoka. Here's the part where you get involved. It's called the Tank Factor and you are invited to cover or remix the World of Tanks Theme!    This ... (read more)

Flash news - Player Rally 2015 with HyperX

30.09.2015, 15:27

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Bravo squad, move to the point F! (the Finals!) Want to see the Finals live at HyperX headquaters? Come grab a seat and join the viewing party with Wargaming staff as High Woltage Caballers take on Noble eSports. We will have screens streaming th... (read more)

Flash news - Weekday Warfare 38

29.09.2015, 17:13

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. News on tracks! (information warfare!) Weekday Warfare 38 October’s Warfare features Attack/Defense rules for the first time ever, with all matches boasting a seven minute time limit and matches starting every ten minutes This week’s... (read more)

Flash news - Q&A with Storm

25.09.2015, 16:12

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Shoot first, then ask! (or read some good Q&A like this) Interesting Q&A with World of Tanks producer Michael Zhivets (nickname Storm) has been published on official site. If you ever question the following: use of BigWorld engine size o... (read more)

Flash news - weekly gold fever

22.09.2015, 16:01

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. News across Americas! (and beyond!) Weekday Warfare 37 has come. What modes are available this time? 4v4 and tier VII firefights in Airfield. Want to know more, commander? Acknowledged! The grand prize 10,000 gold with smaller payouts being made ... (read more)

Flash news - Mexican Independence Day

14.09.2015, 13:40

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Quick as a armor-piercing projectile! (hopefully not so deadly...) On September 16, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo shouted out the famous "Cry of Dolores" from the Mexican town of the same name, marking the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence. The... (read more)

Check out what's cookin' - new update 9.10

02.09.2015, 12:53

Triple barrels 4 the win. [source:] Hey Gamekitters! Prepare your armored beasts for the new update to World of Tanks!Update 9.10 arrives September 2, and brings together the previous Domination events into one new game mode called Rampage. As we can see on the official WoT site, de... (read more)

World of Tanks The Grand Finals 2015

24.04.2015, 12:37

Hey Gamekitters, On 25th and 26th April Warsaw will be a witness of the competition of the best 12 World of Tanks teams from all over the world. The prize pool is 300 000 USD. Each region of the world will be represented by the following teams: Europe - Virtus.PRO and Schoolbus USA - RUle... (read more)