Why I am not getting the points after reaching level 2?

Added tyler.durden99 15.07.2015, 16:05

So the description of the game says that after reaching level 2 you will get rewarded with some gamekit points. However, I have been 2 days playing and still don't have any points from the game. Someone else with the same problem?

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08.04.2020, 20:13
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hi i have this problem too because wizard101 is a scam dont go on it because there is no place in game that show ur username and the game chose a username for ur character itself and u have no proof in screenshot that u login with ur username



09.04.2020, 01:44

Hi احسان. There is a place in the game where you can find your username. It is in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen. It is the spellbook icon. Hope you get your points soon!!



09.04.2020, 01:49

Hi tyler.durden99. I suggest going to this link here -> https://gamekit.com/faq/
select the option 'I didn't get points for completing a task, what should I do?' and enter your question there and maybe include an attachment. If you can't add your attachment (e.g. screenshhot) I would suggest pasting a link leading to your screenshot on some kind of social media. It may take up to two days for your ticket to be read and verified so please be patient for the time being. Hope you get your points soon!!