January Bundles

10.01.2020, 17:55

Our January Bundles rotation is live!This month, the following bundles are available at the website:➡️The Accursed Play Gauntlet➡️Evergreen Bundle➡️Empyrean Castaway Bundle➡️Arcane Builder's Bundle➡️Shinobi Bundle➡️Aero Plains BundleThe Pet Bundles from Dr. Purreau are changing next week!#Wizard101 ... (read more)

Magical Christmas in Wizard City

01.12.2019, 23:59

Felix Navidad is back in the Shopping District and has got plenty of glorious gifts for you in his bag! There’s more besides to keep this Christmas exciting: Get a code from our Facebook page which you can redeem for some fantastic things!Source: (read more)

Snug Autumn

26.11.2019, 23:59

The shorter the days, the more cosy it’s getting in Wizard City: from the 26th November to 3rd December, Harvest Hannah will be in the Shopping District with a range of autumnal wands and fine attire.Source:

Spooktacular Halloween

22.10.2019, 23:59

Love ghost stories, real goosebumps and want to really spook your wizard friends? Then visit Dworgyn and complete a ghoulish quest or check out Spooky Bob in the Shopping District.Source:

Double Pet XP and Training Points Benefits!

02.07.2019, 17:15

Hello, young wizards!Did you learn any spell and you don't want it anymore? Don't worry about it! The free repurchase of training points benefit is active this week!Also, some of you have been asking for the double pet XP benefit and we activated it for you!Both membership benefits will be running u... (read more)

Horseback Riding

11.06.2019, 23:59

Neigh! Attention all horse friends: from 11th to 18th June, our Crown Shop will be turning into a cosy stable where splendid mounts are clopping their hooves on the floor. Amongst others: the Nightflame Pegasus, Astral Unicorn, Chestnut Pony and Dream Filly are all just waiting to be taken by you – ... (read more)

Stubby Myth Shark Returns!

15.05.2019, 23:59

Hello, young wizards!As we celebrate our Myth week, the Stubby Myth Shark is back in the Spiral!Take your chance to catch it before it is too late,this fish is going to be available until Tuesday, 21st of May!Source: (read more)

April 2019 KI Live - Wizard101 Spring Update!

24.04.2019, 23:59

Join KingsIsle's Senior Community Manager and MMO Senior Producer this coming Apr. 25 at 4pm Central on Twitch. We are going to be talking all about (and playing!) the Spring Update content! creative questions and tips on Twitter using the hashtag#AskKI ... (read more)

Something in the Air

15.03.2019, 23:59

The Aero Plains Bundle brings a fresh breeze to Wizard101 – get yours now! It contains the Blue Oxen, the Squirreligig, the Dwarven Aero Attire, the Aerocannon, an Aero Village for you as well as the Additional Castle Elixir. You’ll never run out of air with this bundle.Source: http://en.wizard101.g... (read more)

Friendship Festival

07.02.2019, 12:11

Friendship Festival is back! Valentina Heartsong is in the Shopping District, plus we've got two new items in the Crown Shop: the Sweet Heart Mount and interactable Friendship Table Housing Item! (read more)


24.01.2019, 12:10

Pack-a-Palooza is here! Now thru 2/3, save up to 50% off all packs!Enjoy the return of all Yuletide & Halloween holiday packs, retired favorites, and a FREE pack giveaway!

Make way for the Battle Mage!

11.12.2018, 23:59

Pick up the new Battlemage Bundle containing the Battlemage Keep, Wargoyle, Battlemage Armor and much more. Plus Felix Navidad is back in the Shopping District with plenty of glorious gifts in his bag! Source:

There’s a storm brewing

06.11.2018, 23:59

Batten down the hatches, cause the Storm School is celebrating its school fête from 6th to 13th November! There’s also plenty of Storm pets and numerous equipment items on offer in the shop.  Source:

Spooktacular Halloween

23.10.2018, 20:59

Love ghost stories, real goosebumps and want to really spook your wizard friends? Then visit Dworgyn and complete a ghoulish quest or check out Spooky Bob in the Shopping District Source :

Crown Sale! Save up to 25% on Wizard101 Crowns

17.09.2018, 14:23

  Have you been eying all the cool new items in the Crown Shop? Well now you can save up to 25% on Crowns with our current Crown Sale. 60,000 Crowns are just $60 and 80,000 Crowns are just $80- that's $1 per 1000 Crowns! Buy Crowns Now »   Source:


27.08.2018, 12:23

25% or 50% OFF All Online Bundles! Now through September 4th 2018 it's Bundle-a-Palooza! For your favorite bundle sale, we are bringing back all online bundles in the online cart! You can save 25% or 50% OFF each online bundle.* Bundles at 50% OFF Atlantean Super Polarian Explorer's Grand Tourney Ga... (read more)

Wizard101 Fan Art Updated!

08.08.2014, 11:47

Dear Players, The Wizard101 Game Fan Art Gallery has been updated - click here and check drawings, paintings and other pieces of artwork prepared by players. Do you want to show your talents as well? Send it to the e-mail or use more traditional way and send it physically at ... (read more)