The Beastmoon Hunt Is On!

09.06.2020, 23:59

Are you ready to join the Beastmoon hunt?Visit Artemis at the Arena and become a legend!This Beastmoon Event is running from 09.06 until 16.06.Pick your beast and join a group of wizards to capture Battle Rings, enter the Beastmoon Hall and choose your statue. Fill your cards talking to Actaeon and ... (read more)

The Lost Pages

06.05.2020, 23:59

The Librarian Harold Argleston needs your help: a group of young students has just gotten their hands on an extremely dangerous book. Now dark magic has hexed all six of them. Find the students and free them from the bindings of theBook of Lost Pages! Every young wizard that has not yet completed th... (read more)

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