Explore the Depths of the Sea

17.02.2021, 23:59

Put on the armour of the Briny Deep and take to the ocean in your Dolphin Chariot! Or would you rather retire to your Briny Deep Retreat and decorate your new home? As of 17/02 you can get the Briny Bundle and also have a new pet Sea Courser accompany you on your adventures in the cool waters!Source... (read more)

Pack-a-Palooza in Full Flush

20.01.2021, 23:59

Attention wizards: our big Pack-a-Palooza will be taking place in the Crown Shop from 19/01 to 26/01. There will be many bundles and some packs on sale. So visit the Crown Shop, browse to your heart’s content and pick up your favourite set!Source: http://en.wizard101.gameforge.com/wizard101/en/game/... (read more)

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