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Quests and How to complete them (guide)

Added Castle Of 02.12.2016, 22:22

Quest 1: Complete the tutorial

Basically just finish the academy and take a screenshot of your profile page. You get an achievement for completing it as well as a chat message that pops up. It worked for me and credited.

Quest 2: Reach level 8
Reach lvl 8 and take a screen shot of your profile page.

Quest 3: Currently waiting on the screenshot to confirm from quest 2.

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User deleted

11.12.2016, 02:42
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So what is Quest 3 like?

User deleted

13.12.2016, 09:23
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Quest 3: Get to level 15



14.12.2016, 15:09
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Level 15... This is not worth my time! HOOOLYYYY. It will take 3 or more days

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