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Added GigginoSplash 26.08.2019, 11:30

Can someone explain me how to get to mastery rank 3? I'm currently mastery rank 1 but it doesn't let me upgrade to mastery rank 2

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26.08.2019, 23:14

Hello, benkmilyassin95. In order to raise your mastery rank, you must gain mastery exp. You can do this by leveling up new weapons, Warframes, sentinels, and pets and by completing new nodes on the star chart. After you get enough exp, you will be able to take a mastery rank test to get to mastery rank 2, 3, etc.



15.09.2019, 04:06

Yeah, to build on what SwegSquirtle has said: It is a long grind and the higher your MR (Mastery Rank), the more MR exp you need to take te next mastery rank test. It's a long haul but totally worth it as you unlock new weapons as you go. To check if your nearly there, you can hover over your profile icon (glyph) at the top left of your screen, and just under your name should be a white line/bar, when that's filled you'll recieve a little alert saying you are qualified for the MR rank up test. Hope this helped!

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