Quest 4 - 6

Added Anthony 16.11.2018, 22:47

So baiscly I leveld my kunai to level 20 and the mission was to use a weapon of your choice and level it to 20 and I did just THAT!!!!!

Waited 4 days just for them to DENY ME! even though i did exactly what i was suppose to and they were to blnd to see that I even put a arrow to where the weapon was incase they didn't see. I spent 6 hours leveling it to 20 and wasted my time......

Yeh so after 4 days i got this message "The quest 4 in the game Warframe has not been accepted due to the reason: Due to our anti-cheating rules, the level has to be the exactly the same as the level required by the quest "

So now I resent the screenshot this time without the arrow showing the weapon and I bet 100% they deny me again this website is a RIPOFF! and i will give this website a bad review

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16.11.2018, 23:41

Hello, Anthony. Unfortunately, it seems like you were not using a new account. In order to complete tasks on our site, you will need to use a new account. This is to make sure that our site is fair for all users.



09.04.2019, 06:13

It takes the same amount of experience to level a weapon from 1-20 regardless of the account used. Sort of failing to see how it could be unfair. Also, since he can't change the nickname, now he's totally screwed and can't do any of the missions... Seems kind of ridiculous to me. Either way, a person already put the time into the game. It takes the same amount of work or time to achieve these things, who cares WHEN the person decided to make the investment? Time = Time and Fair = Fair. It's a dumb policy.



10.04.2019, 03:12

Hello, Ryokishine. Our site is used as a form of advertisement for game companies that are looking for new users. If someone already has an account in the game, then there is no point in rewarding them for playing it as the developers will not get a new user out of it.
It is also important to note that, with a game like Warframe, you will have access to better options for leveling weapons and other items in game the more you play it. For example, a player with mastery rank 25 will have great builds for leveling while a new player will have no builds or experience for leveling items.

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