11.02.2021, 20:13

Love is what keeps the planets spinning — the love of friends, family, lovers, or even your bestest Kavat! Love is the glue that binds the Origin System together. Nobody knows this better than Ticker, who's honoring love in all its forms during Star Days!To get into the Star Days spirit, claim speci... (read more)


16.01.2020, 20:00

Like many of you, we’re heartbroken by the devastation caused by recent and ongoing wildfires in Australia. Millions of acres of land have been destroyed. Thousands of families are left homeless and in desperate need of assistance, along with countless harmed and displaced animals.We’ve made a $15,0... (read more)


13.12.2019, 03:43

Take the helm and set course for Warframe’s next leap forward: Empyrean.Cooperation is vital to survive aboard the Railjack. Man the turrets, pilot the ship, fight the fires — everyone has a role to play here. In this foundational update for Warframe’s space combat, work together to assault the Grin... (read more)


02.08.2019, 23:02

Welcome to issue 68 of The Remote Observer, Tenno! Summer is upon us and in the spirit of all things sunny, we wanted to give you a peek of what you can expect to see this weekend! Read on and remember to bring your sunscreen!TACTICAL ALERT: DOG DAYS - NAKAK’S REWARDS!This weekend, we have a special... (read more)


12.06.2019, 21:05

As we work toward the release of Nightwave: Series 2, we wanted to release an interim gap to ensure rewards are accessible to all Tenno!Nightwave: Intermission gives you access to rewards from the Cred Offerings Store you might have missed during Series 1! Work your way through all 15 Ranks to earn ... (read more)


17.05.2019, 11:08

Something sinister is stirring in the Gas City.Rumors are circulating of an alliance between Alad V and our most feared enemy -- the Sentients. Infiltrate the remastered Corpus Gas City on Jupiter, drive your blade through Amalgam horrors, unlock the power of the Wisp Warframe, and shine a light on ... (read more)


23.04.2019, 20:20

The electrifying shroud of deception is upon us.Volt Prime returns from the Prime Vault for the first time, bringing with him the illusive Loki Prime. For a limited time, get these two Prime Warframes plus high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum before they’re go... (read more)


07.03.2019, 16:11

Deep in the bitter heart of the Orb Vallis lies a hidden mystery.Band together to complete the first community event of 2019 and work to bring a secret to light in Operation: Buried Debts. Take control of Hildryn and her devastating Abilities as you unearth clues with your fellow Tenno and strike do... (read more)


08.02.2019, 16:30

Welcome to the 50th edition of The Remote Observer, and with big numbers come big updates! Fortuna is now available on Nintendo Switch! On PS4 and Xbox? Then good news: you get to tangle with the Profit-Taker! While we get stuck into the celebration cake, you should go check out what’s coming!TO THE... (read more)


05.11.2018, 15:07

FORTUNA: A NEON SLUM BENEATH THE SNOW Down in the underground city of Fortuna, you’ll meet the Solaris: a society of body-augmented individuals who live in debt-internment under Corpus rule. The Solaris live in fear of being “repossessed” — cybernetic limb and organ removal b... (read more)


12.10.2018, 15:01

The Chimera Update is live! Gear up with two new Weapons for new high-level Alerts! The Chimera Update brings the new Arbitrations: Lethal Alert system, the new Daily Tribute 2.0, new Precepts and more. ARBITRATIONS: LETHAL ALERTS The Arbiters of Hexis have a new challenge for you, Tenno. Complete ... (read more)

Nezha Empyrean Collection Out Now!

12.09.2018, 14:26

Command the dragon’s fury as the mythical Nezha Empyrean. This new Deluxe Skin Collection is available now on PC! NEZHA EMPYREAN SKIN Descend from the heavens like a burning star to smite all challengers. TENG DAGGER SKIN Doom in the sting of a serpent’s tooth. Converts any single Dagg... (read more)

Mask of the Revenant Update Available Now

23.08.2018, 11:35

Our latest update -- Mask of the Revenant -- delivers a new Warframe, a new Sentient shotgun, new Customizations and more! NEW WARFRAME: REVENANT Afflicted by Sentient energy, Revenant rises from the Plains to prey on the weak and unwilling. After reaching Quills Standing Rank 2, visit Nakak in Cetu... (read more)

Frame Fighter Minigame Available Now!

16.08.2018, 11:26

Greetings Tenno! The much anticipated: Frame Fighter, mini-game is out! This new update will include a brand new arcade, in addition to new Dojo Decorations and new Amp parts! Frame Fighter To acquire and play this all-new 2D-sidescrolling fighter, one must acquire the Ludoplex. The Ludoplex acts as... (read more)

Prime Vault Opening July 24

25.07.2018, 00:33

Greetings Tenno!After a grueling wait, the Prime Vault opens July 24 on all platforms! In addition to the Prime Vault's grand opening, Warframe will be offering separate Prime Accessory Packs!Prime VaultFor the first time in the history of the Warframe, the entrancing Nyx Prime will be leaving the v... (read more)

The Sacrifice, Umbra equipment and more

10.07.2018, 12:37

Hello Gamekitters! They've finally arrived, The Sacrifice quests are now out! You will get to uncover the truth in the new quests, through the 3rd cinematic-based storyline. Here is a trailer for them: You can unlock The Sacrifice quests after completing: The Second Dream, The War Within, Cha... (read more)

The Remote Observer - VOL: #15

02.10.2017, 16:21

With the new volume of this Remote Observer, there are plenty new releases. Focus New Focus Lens added, the “Eidolon Lenses”. All Focus Points, and Installed Lenses will be removed, and returned to your inventory. You can unlock a variety of Passives that supplement your ... (read more)

Plains of Eidolon

23.09.2017, 03:22

Since the announcement at TennoCon back in July, players have been eagerly awaiting for confirmation of a release date. Currently, we can only say it will be deployed Fall 2017. Teasers and trailers are dropping like rain from the Devs at Digital Extremes showcasing the all new features including co... (read more)

Flash news - new reinforcements

24.09.2015, 15:21

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Ninja news from Space! (watch out!) Make some noise! New badass reinforcement has come - Spira Throwing Daggers! A flash of red ribbons dancing in the breeze is the last thing seen by victims of these deadly throwing daggers. <Warning, stunts ... (read more)

Bonus weekend is on with new teaser to enjoy

18.09.2015, 13:25

Gear up your Tenno quickly! If you're not satisfied with in-game looks (and want to be a show-off like this) now it's good time to make a change. Here's quick announcement for Warframe fans:From today until Monday we've got a HUGE Bonus Weekend coming your way with Double Credits, 50% off Sele... (read more)

Reinforcements ready - new update 17.4.0

11.09.2015, 12:52

Let's get down to the business - TENNO ROCKS NOW. That badass nunchaku'ish Ninkondi weapon is looking really good and now it's available in the game market (as a blueprint). Along with this new 17.4.0 update come some tweaks to the gameplay... But who cares about bug fixes, if there's new weapon to... (read more)

Limited Edition Mag Statue - available soon

26.08.2015, 17:20

If you are playing Warframe and you are fascinated about real-life figures, now you have perfect occasion. The Mag Collector's Statue is open for pre-orders starting August 27 for everyone at the official shop website. What's more, to every order will be included a code to use in game, which will co... (read more)


10.12.2014, 18:01

Buenas tardes GameKiteros, Warframe propone una muy original propuesta en forma de concurso, consiste en reescribir un villancico utilizando vocabulario y referencias al juego. Visitad el foro para obtener más información :)


10.09.2014, 00:00

Dear players, Visit the Market and choosethe Harkonad Armor Set! The first idea of this set was to be worn by Grineer generals, but it was stolen by Tenno agents. Show your defiance and wear Harkonar Spaulders, Chestguard, Leg Plates and Cloak!


31.07.2014, 00:00

Dear Players, Do you want to learn more about the changes in Update 14? Click here to watch Devstream #34 and listen to Rebecca, Pablo and Dorian!