Warface Installs a Virus?

Added Bobby 07.08.2017, 17:40

I'm only asking because anytime I try to launch warface I get a blue screen of death that restarts my computer "ndistpr64.sys error" which shuts down an entire computer. I can remove it with windows defender but I will keep getting that error and the file will keep reappearing with my virus program anytime I try to start warface.

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07.08.2017, 19:15

No. None of the games gamekit offers points to by playing has a virus. I even have this game on my pc. There is no virus to it. It's actually quite fun. :)



07.08.2017, 19:51

Right, I had this game before as well a long time ago and it didn't do what it is doing now. I tried both Warface and Warface tournaments. I also even play Skyforge. I promise you this game is doing this to me I would have zero reason to lie about it.



07.08.2017, 19:52

After all, the game itself is creating this file that is claimed to be a virus from everywhere and it's bluescreening my windows 10 computer. I know what I've witnessed as I've deleted it each time and it doesn't show up til warface is clicked on.



07.08.2017, 19:59

I sent a ticket to my.com because I trust them overall just no idea why this is happening.



07.08.2017, 22:03
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by the sounds of it you need to update windows defender as i'm on windows 10 and it is running fine.

For the blue screening that sounds like a corrupt (or damaged both mean the same) windows file, so to fix this in the easiest way to make a windows 10 os disc or flash drive and go through the repair.

For a more complete repair is to back up all personal files and do a fresh install

Before you do any fresh install make sure you grab your OS key you can retrieve this with belarc advisor:

Google belarc and download it

When you run it, it will ask for you to update definitions which you just skip

The first scan searches every thing on your computer and grabs all licence keys and even checks to see if any thing needs updating or if there is any risks to your computer.

The second scan searches for all devices connected to your network but skip this step.

Once all of the scanning has complete it will open the Edge browser then all you need to do is scroll down until you see Windows 10 Licence key.

Copy the Key and then you are ready for fresh install (obviously back up any and all personal files).

You can get windows installation just google or bing (what ever tickles your fancy) "Windows Media Creation Tool" then it should show up a link to microsoft then just download and when running it just follow the onscreen guide.

I hope this helps you out Bobby



07.08.2017, 22:48

Tony that does help simply because I didn't know about belarc but I can confirm that this is an issue with that game. I have a ticket in with my.com currently and waiting to hear back from them. I'll update this if I hear anything because I can remove the virus at any given time easily and have done so to prove my point that launching the warface executable is creating it. I sent them a video and we shall see I guess.



09.08.2017, 22:11
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it wont let me install on chrome because it detected a virus



11.08.2017, 04:10

100% confirmed that there is something wrong with the current install. Now I can be banned for saying this if you all want to ban me but I think users should know about this. Chances are the ones not affected by this had their install before their newest install was hijacked. I am currently working with my.com to address this issue but they are super stumped as it is.

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