K.I.W.I. Battle Points Discount

27.08.2018, 13:20

Soldiers! With K.I.W.I. Tournament on its way, the time has come to boost your progress and polish your skills in K.I.W.I. global operation. Enjoy a 25% discount for all Battle Points purchases (100, 500 and 2500) till 05th of September 9.00 UTC (11.00 CEST). Combat evolved!

New map: Exclusion Zone

28.07.2018, 17:49

Hello soldiers!The new update is bringing us a new Battle Royale map, Exclusion Zone, which will take us to the abandoned city of Pripyat. This new map aims to improve and diversify the gameplay applied to the current Battle Royale map, Mojave. We will discover many new objects and hiding places, as... (read more)

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