Quest 7 is so grindy

Added chenjackie450 10.11.2018, 19:33

Is there a way for which I can get to account level 12 faster? Right now the grind is just too much... Doe's buying the premium account give me extra exp?

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11.11.2018, 02:31

And it ain't that fun for me because I don't know anything about tanks and most people know how to one shot all my tanks and I can't do anything because I don't know anything about tanks. I've just been playing this while watching things on my tablet.

User deleted

22.11.2018, 22:59

True, I'm now lvl 9 and half and I don't know is it even possible to get lvl 12 in 29 days ....?? (is it, do you know?)



07.12.2018, 06:13

I achieved level 12 under 5 days by playing aviator most of the game. Boosters like (10% - 20% exp) are quite useful, premium accounts will give you double exp every game, but it is pricey.

User deleted

24.09.2020, 22:32

I would either use your premium trial from a toutuber or something rather than buying it unless you intend to conitnue playing after this quest