How long will it take to get to level 13

Added HHNemesis 23.04.2018, 22:19

I am a level 0 with 375/500 exp, I want to get to level 13 but I am completely new to the game. I hadn't touch my pc in about a week or so, and when I hoped back on GameKit I see that I missed quest part 1 and 2 and the 3 and final part of the quest in War Thunder I have too get to level 13 in about 3 days. I have read that it does take forever too level up in War Thunder, but I was wondering if I have no break and constantly playing, how long will it take to get to level 13 from 0 with 375 xp (That is If I play constant with no breaks, or sleep. Which I will be taking breaks and sleeping but just wanted to know approximately)

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24.04.2018, 07:43
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u must buy premium account if u want to get level 13 so fast and u have to play all the time without sleeping, and that's how to get level 13 in 3 days



24.04.2018, 23:47

Yeah thank ya so much for that information, yeah I couldn't complete it, maybe I can redo it on my account. If not it's okay, there is plenty of games I play they have on gamekit. But War Thunder is a great game, maybe I'll level that up to 13 casually or something. Thank so much for the reply! :-)



25.04.2018, 02:52

I just did this cos i could and i was bored :)

Made new account, did the tutorial missions to get some golden eagles, thought i will activate 1 day premium tomorrow and see where i would be after that.

Only played with the tank i got from completing some battles right in the beginning (default talisman one= extra xp). Got to lvl 5 kinda in no time and had lots time left still on my day so activated premium, didn't want to loose more of that extra xp.

Went thru achievements and checked those which give lots xp, did them along the way. After bit over 5h playtime, i'm level 9 (5,5k/75,5k), still 21 hours left on my premium.

Still 60k xp more coming soon from achievements, so that will take me close to lvl 10 (65,5k/75,5k). After that, it's probably devastating grind up till 13, but i believe, i will be somewhere lvl 11+ before my 1 day premium ends.

Also, there is this program for mobiles, where you can get free eagles by doing some tasks (it's approved by Gaijin, so it's legal to use), might try to get 100+ eagles from it some point tomorrow, so can activate other day of premium >> lvl 13...

I only did T1 tank arcade/realistic battles, boring yes, but the skill level of most players is LOW, so you easily get couple thousand xp/battle, and they are fast too.

Imo, getting to lvl 13 is doable in couple days, just need bit planning.

Ps. If you're getting something like 20k points or even more for completing those 3 tasks, there shouldn't be any problem to spend couple dimes to buy some eagles to make your grind even faster/easier.

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