Completed War Thunder Quests 3/3. Tips to help the grind.

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First of all. The payoff for these quests are huge, but the grind is a huge turnoff to people looking to attempt this. If you're going to start this quest, if you haven't already, consider your time management. You get between 8-10 days for each quest, or well I did, and it's going to take awhile so make sure you can have gaming sessions to maximize your premium account boost. So, if you need a reminder, the three quests are as follow.

Q1: Lvl 9
Q2: Lvl 11
Q3: Lvl 13

Now the quests are referring to profile level. If you launch your client you see your name on the near top-middle-left your current level. There are two types of currency in the game: Golden Eagles and Silver Lions. You want Golden Eagles, they are premium currency which you can easily buy using real world currency. Don't buy them, that's why you're doing these quests in the first place: to earn points and rewards without spending money. If you first launched the game, the game will tell you to do tutorials. DO THEM. Not all of them, just the first couple or first three for both planes and tanks, as it rewards you with Golden Eagles. When you have the Golden Eagles buy a 1 Day Premium Account. You can do do in one of the top-middle-right icon. It boosts your Research Points and Silver Lions boosts from your in-game actions. I'm not sure exactly how XP works, I believe it's Research Points that actually go into your account XP, which is why getting that Premium Account Boost is going to work well. Like I said, the premium account boost only lasts a day, so try to maximize as much time as you can to get the most out of it. There's no other ingame way to earn free Golden Eagles. However, there is an app you can download on a smartphone called Free Golden Eagles or something like that, and it links to your War Thunder account and it automatically transfers earned Golden Eagles upon completing the incentives. Most of which are just, hey download this app and reach level so-and-so and once you do you automatically earn the Golden Eagles. I've done it so I was able to have premium account for 4 days. You don't have to have ties to the things you download so you can immediately uninstall them upon completion.

Now, onto game play. I don't have anything against tank battles, I just didn't play the at all. I religiously played aviation only. In terms of what faction you choose, whatever you like. I personally played USSR, tried U.SA. for a bit, but those 1st tier planes are literally peashooters. They're even named peashooters. In terms of tiers of planes, play the highest tier you can possibly play. If your heart is set on that tier 1 fighter that you hold near and dear to you, cut it off. The higher tier plane you use, the more research points you get out of it. In terms of game mode, the only thing you should consider are either Air Arcade Battles or Realistic Mode. Realistic Mode WILL payout more XP; however, it is a gamble in it's own sense. You will expect a near 8 minute or so wait time for a game, you only get one plane to use and if you go down without doing a single damn thing you will pretty much waste your time. In general, it's better to play Air Arcade Battles.

Now, do you either dogfight or do you bomb. People who are successful bombers climb high on the team leaderboard, usually being the first one. I had games where I had 10+ kills but got outscored by a bomber who took out like 30 land vehicles. I feel like they get a lot more XP, I didn't do it because I'm horrible when it comes to bombing and if I'm not dogfighting I'm going to fall asleep.

If you're dogfighting. Move with your team. I use stealth rounds so they can't see me shooting, which is good when my teammates get caught in a fight and I can just swoop in for a kill. A lot of times you will and an enemy will go full throttle head on. Start shooting before the aiming reticle circle thing even appears and you should generally shoot above them. Most of the time you will kill them before the circle even appears and it will give you time to dodge an air collision. If you are facing multiple enemies at once, and the one you are chasing goes past you, don't waste your time turning around unless it's the only person you're fighting. If that person goes past you and an enemy is still in front of you, ignore the other person and go for that enemy ahead of you. In terms of what planes to use, fighters are the best in my opinion. Attacks carry a lot of bombs and do a lot of damage to planes so you'd think it was the best choice, but they are slow like a turtle. It's incredibly hard to maneuver and trick enemies. Interceptors are a class of planes I don't even know what they do, and I don't bomb so bombers I don't even consider.

Don't forget to spend your Silver Lions. You can use them to buy planes when they are researched, buy upgrades for them upon research completion, and don't forget to upgrade crew qualification and upgrade the crew themselves. If you click on an aircraft in the bottom section you can select "crew" to upgrade your crew. I put most of my upgrades towards gunners and logistics, namely accuracy and precision and reload speed and maitenance so the gun doesn't jam often.

Lastly, boosters. Everyday you login, you open a daily reward which has a chance of holding a research point booster. Hopefully you're lucky and you get that. If you have a premium account, every 3-4 matches or so, you automatically get a box to open, which also holds a chance to get a research point booster. They don't last all day, maybe some 3-4 missions or so or more, so make sure you go super tryhard for it. At level 8 or maybe 9, you get daily missions. Only two per day, and upon completion you get a new form of currency called warbonds. With those, you get to buy research point boosters on their own, which is very helpful. You can also buy them with Golden Eagles, but don't. You get more value by playing with a Premium account trust me. If you have multiple research point boosters, they stack, but at a reduction with each stack, and it doesn't add anymore of the overall mission usage. For example, if you use a boost that lasts for 4 missions, and you add another boost that lasts for 4 missions, it's not going to be 8 missions total it's still going to be 4 missions, so maximize your boosts and use them wisely.

I completed quest one within 3 days, quest two within 2 days, and quest 3 within 2 days. Gaming sessions lasted nearly 6-8 hours. It is a disgusting grind. If you generally love the game, then good for you don't ever talk to me. Good luck, this game is actually not that bad, the realism in it is pretty interesting, but it's not something meant to be played for such a long time. It could be something you could play maybe 2-3 matches a day cause it's a nice little thing to play, but not for days upon days. It's a disgusting grind, so make sure you're mentally prepared for this. Hope this helps.

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16.01.2018, 02:56

Sent this to the devs:

Hello, I was working on the War Thunder quest, the first one, and I *think* that there is an issue. I believe that it has been discussed in the forums; the time taken to reach level 9 is monumental. The amount of points rewarded for the acquisition of such a high level is severely disproportionate. I would expect level 9 to be a 3rd quest, if even that. I personally spent nearly the entire day attempting to level up, I only got to level 5. And, due to amount of XP needed to level up increasing as the player levels up, it would probably be a week until level 9, if I were to dedicate the majority of my day to it each day, and that is just the first quest. I did all 3 Crossout quests, it took me a grand total of about 3 days of hard work. Still a lot, but I have no complaints. Please, will this be fixed? And if so, when? Thanks for your time, hope for a response.

I agree with most of what you said, my disagreements are mostly that this quest is worth the time.



16.01.2018, 04:16

Wait so do you get an extra 8 days after you complete a quest?



01.03.2018, 13:21

Little question, can I download the game from Steam rather than from the website? I have never played the game, so I would be new anyways.



01.03.2018, 20:34

Have not tried it. You may want to ask a moderator about it because it'd be a shame to grind all that and not get credit for it.



25.03.2018, 00:24

Thanks this really helps me in my enthusiasm for grinding.



25.03.2018, 15:13

the heck dude, I got 10 days for quest 1, 6 days for quest 2, and finally 4 days for quest 3. There is no way in hell I could do this while going to school



18.06.2018, 03:48

This is really helpful, thanks and I feel your pain

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