Faster/better way to level up?

Added Susanoo 11.11.2017, 08:32

I've been playing the game for a few days now and I'm only at level 5, this game is so grindy it makes me wanna cry an ocean of tears and go drown in it :v

Anybody know any better ways of leveling? I have no idea what I'm doing >_<

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11.11.2017, 14:53
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The faster way is killing most possible players or playing air battles with a bomber vehicle (all in realistic mode)



12.11.2017, 02:42

And remeber, to do it the fastest, mostly when you're a new player. Remeber to enjoy the game! Play it they way you want to make it as enjoyable as possible! The more you enjoy it , the faster you will level it up. And remeber, enjoy the game. Don't just play to get the level 9. You have 10 days to do so, rather enjoy the game check on level time to time, and the next time you will look on your level, it should be high up : )



12.11.2017, 23:40

Any idea how long it takes to get to lvl 9-13 at least? ;o



12.11.2017, 23:52

I've been grinding for 5 hours and just reached level 6. I've already failed the first mission and am about to fail the second. I think this is a pretty high bar, nearly unmanageable unless you put in 40 hours in a week.
I like the game, but not that much.

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