I am close to giving up

Added ddatboi21 22.10.2017, 10:05

I have spent 7 hours a day grinding on warthunder every game ive been in there is some sketchy guy that 1 shots me from across the map (in arcade which is the easy mode) and i cant even play realistic because the enemy tanks are all teir 3/4 and my tanks are teir 2 i am still level 6 my time to do the quest is almost up and God knows what the 2nd and 3rd quest is

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23.10.2017, 02:27

I'm lv 8 now I found the secreet to leveling up



25.10.2017, 04:00

Well, if you just keep going at it you will get those sweet, sweet points.



25.10.2017, 18:42

What's the strategy/secret? Please I desperately need to know.

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25.10.2017, 23:22

It took me forever and a half to get to lvl 8, missed my firs quest even. diubt i'll make it to 11 in a timely manner, lvl progression is so slow