please change lvl9 as the first quest.

Added edgylunatic 20.10.2017, 18:43

Absolutely ridiculous. And I know this isn't your fault gamekit, but level 9 is an unfairly high level to gain for your FIRST mission completion... Gaijin, please change this; because I know for a fact I'm not playing that game ever again after I finish this quest, because of the irresponsible choice of missions; and largely due to the fact that I will hate this game after I'm done playing it. I loved crossout as well, and will continue to play that game, because it had a reasonable leveling system that I know was tested to develop the gamekit mission. I'm an active gamekit user, and I intend to be for a while, please refer Gaijins contacts to my comment so they're informed of this sites' users concerns.

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20.10.2017, 21:10

because if we get enough people complaining, they might change it.



21.10.2017, 01:06

It is not our decision what level you have to reach on the game to get the points. Gaijin makes the levels high so the rewards can be high. You get rewarded handsomely for completing harder quest, so that's how we balance it out. Thanks for understanding.