For everyone with point issues

Added Burt 30.07.2017, 10:16

Hello everyone. I am in the same position as you, dealing with point problems and whatnot. These problems have sprung up recently. I've done some digging in the forums and found issues with the automation detection system for your account in games like War Thunder, or World of Warships. Due to what I've read, I would say wait a few days, and for those with expired quests, make sure you had a screenshot of you completing it before the deadline, or else I'm not sure if Gamekit will make an exception for it.

Be patient. Although this sucks, you are getting money for playing games. It's like a dream. I'm mad too, but it will be over soon.

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30.07.2017, 10:27

+1. And it's all explained here: https://gamekit.com/war-thunder/qaa/8014550/problems-with-points-moderator-s-response/ . Thanks for your help!

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