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Fastest way to level up?

Added Lulz Sec 11.05.2017, 18:52

Does using a tank or plane matter on how much XP you'll earn in game? also do you get more XP for killing another player compared to ground troop while flying?

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11.05.2017, 22:22

Winning gives you more xp than losing thats for sure. However i dont know if staying alive to the end gives you more. Its just something to keep in mind.

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23.01.2018, 07:22

Depends on what game mode you're playing.
-This is Air Battles--

RP is research points however its also XP for the profile. If you watch how much RP you get per match it raises your player level.

In arcade battles (AB) you get more XP or RP when shooting down enemy players than you do destroying ground targets such as AAA and Arty. In tier one I believe its 60 RP per player kill and 3 RP per ground target kill. However its very easy to rack up 20, 30, or even 40 ground target kills if you go full "ground pounding"

Despite popular belief wining in Arcade doesn't give much of a greater payout.

My playstyle in AB? Low tier, 1.7 and killing players. Its easy to rack up kills in the lower tiers and get 1k RP per match.

So why doesn't everyone play low tier to grind? Well, the higher the plane is in tiers, the more RP it gains. You can view this in the Tech tree and looking at the bottom of the aircraft/Tanks stats.

You gain far more RP in Realistic Battles. RB however its far harder. One Kill in RB equates to 3 more kills in AB and winning in RB gives a huge extra payout. However, of course RB is a lot harder. What a lot of people do is go ground pounding in RB.

What have I done? Well in AB I got a 1.7 German line up. He 112 V5, BF109 E1 and the fastest thing ever at that tier, the HE-100. Since its 1.7 you nearly always get matched against Bi-Planes and you have a field day. Getting 10+ Kills every match gaining 1-1.5k RP per match.
183 Kills and 37 Deaths in the HE-100
87 Kills and 15 Deaths in the HE-112 V5
82 Kills and 30 Deaths in the BF109-E1

Play AB then go to RB. If you find RB hard,Id recommend UK if you're just going to play AB battles as everyone in AB turn fights because they're new players you can easily kills then as that's why UK is all about. The same with Japan but their Aircraft is incredibly weak and lack the firepower (At least at low tier)



23.11.2018, 18:35

how do u guys level up fast in gamekit



07.12.2018, 06:15

Premium = Doubles Exp per game, Boosters = 10% - 20% can last 10 to 20 rounds/missions. Play as aviator, since tanks are pain. You can get approx 150% - 500% boosters from daily assualt.



20.04.2019, 09:11

Realistic or Simulator game modes help



28.11.2019, 02:57

But is there a best game mode for it?

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