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Turning in a quest

Added rikard.fot 09.07.2019, 08:53

Ok. So I had as my first quest to get my palace to level 12 here on Vikings. When I clicked on the Vikings game here on Gamekit I got straight into a popup where I put in my email. In the mail I got a download link to the game. Now I have completed the only quest I know from Vikings (getting the palace to level 12). How do I turn it in? I can't see that it says "Quests" anywhere on the Vikings part of GameKit and it didn't say in the beginning how to turn it in. Do I just need to wait for a specific time or have I missed something?

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12.07.2019, 23:24

Hello, rikard.fot. Sorry for the delayed response. It seems like you did the mobile task, meaning you will not need to turn this task in anywhere. You just have to wait.
It can take up to 30 days for mobile tasks to be verified due to certain limitation, but it should be much quicker.
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