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How to actually complete quest 4 guide

Added Telion 19.04.2018, 18:06

Hello, I was working on a rework of Vikings quest 4 and completed quest myself. The quest will be changed soon to another, more transparent and easy to check one, but until then quest 4 will be a just a payment quest with a lot of inconveniences.

So how to pass the quest 4 right now?

Quest 4 in every game is focused on making people do a payment in a game. We don't try to scam our users but some games do not make it easy to verify payments. Vikings is one of those. After the payment, a player doesn't receive any receipt, so if the purchase was made with some gift card then it is impossible to verify the task, unlike PayPal which generates a good receipt.

To pass payment quest you need to forget about actual quest 4 upload window on Gamekit, it won't work here. Every quest 4 in every game is verified only by email. A player needs to forward digital receipt received by their payment system or from the game payment system and attach a screenshot of the game made after the purchase where it is possible to see the premium currency. Gamekit also encourages users to make a screenshot of after payment appreciation that most of the games do. They might not contain any information about the account but still useful to see which checking fairness of the completion of the quest.

If you made a payment with methods that do not provide you with digital receipt please contact Plarium support to create a digital receipt for you or contact Gamekit for further instructions.

As I said at the beginning, mods do not care about screenshot uploaded via Gamekit on quest 4, so you will see it being rejected very soon. You may just ignore that, email is still going to be checked. It takes around 5 days to verify quest 4 right now for every game so, please, be patient. If your quest is not verified in the stated time period, please message support, they might have missed your screenshot.

If payment was done with another email than the one you registered on Gamekit please forward it to you Gamekit email first and then forward it to Gamekit tasks email OR add the link to your Gamekit profile to tell us who should receive the points.

Hope this clarified the situation and more people will be able to pass it now.

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19.04.2018, 21:43

thank you for the guide.. though i have 1 question.. by email do you mean to open a ticket? :D



20.04.2018, 03:54

so if we had spend some of the gold from our purchase and took a screen shot of it to send with our payment receipt in the email, it will still be accepted?



20.04.2018, 04:39

Shise, I didn't really understand your question. To send by email means you forward receipt from PayPal directly to tasks Gamekit email. You should only open a ticket after 5 days of waiting since the delay should be exactly that long.

lolcheesey, yea, so if you spent some amount of premium currency your quest may be rejected, but in most cases, you should be fine. Just remember for future that his might be a problem and you'll be fine.



26.04.2018, 18:01

What if you use a different currency than USD. will it still be accepted.



29.04.2018, 20:17

@Zidex : Yes. as long as the quest is available in your region :3