Crossword of the North

06.02.2020, 16:41

Jarls, how well do you know your game terms in Vikings: War of Clans? Test your knowledge by doing this puzzle.Down:1. A valuable alloy of copper and other metals5. A building in a Jarl's Town6. The Aes of the Element of Fire7. An Uber Invader9. One of the melee warriors10. An alliance of brothers-i... (read more)

Knowledge in the Oracle

17.01.2020, 12:40

Jarls, try to match the Knowledge to the category it was taken from. Write your answers in the comments! Let's see how well you know this aspect of Vikings: War of Clans.Source:

Update: Quests, boosts, mini-map, and much more

01.08.2019, 13:33

Added:• New QuestsFrom now on, the Quests window has three additional tabs with daily, weekly, and monthly Quests. Complete them to earn special points and receive unique Coffers of items as rewards.• Troop Enlargement in Onslaught boostYour troop headcount in an Onslaught will be increased by 150, ... (read more)

Scouts and espionage

09.07.2019, 09:05

Skål, Jarls! There are a lot of interesting things to do in Vikings: War of Clans. Today we would like to talk about espionage.Let's remember the basic facts about scouts.- They are the only warriors in tier I that require Silver for training.- They have their own Knowledge branch in the Oracle.- Sc... (read more)

Treasure Fair giveaway

11.06.2019, 10:37

Jarls, some wandering merchants have come to the northern lands! Just like you can't make it through a battle without using boosts, you can't have a fair without a quiz and prizes. The merchants have decided to give away a treasure chest to please and honor the harsh Vikings.To open the chest, you w... (read more)

Using third-party software

16.05.2019, 17:06

Dear users,We want to warn you that using third-party software that affects the game, as well as transferring access to your account to third parties can result in losing your account with no chance of restoring it.According to our data, more than 2,000 players have suffered from using third-party s... (read more)

Everything about syncing your game accounts

24.04.2019, 16:13

Jarls, you often ask us questions about syncing your game account, that's why we've prepared a little guide for you.Synchronization helps you save your game progress and restore it if needed.You can link an account created on a mobile device in the following way:1. Open the Menu and select "Account"... (read more)

Update: new global Competition and much more

14.03.2019, 07:32

Added upon players' requests:• Kingdoms Battle: FuryThere will be 4 opponent Kingdoms in this new global Competition. Special Fortresses called Towers of Fury will appear in each of these Kingdoms in turn. Battles for these Fortresses will bring you resources and Soul Shards.Also, some temporary bon... (read more)

Kingdoms Battle: Fury and Towers of Fury

04.02.2019, 01:57

Warriors of the North, we are preparing something interesting specially for the upcoming Kingdoms Battle: FuryAt various times, special locations – Towers of Fury – will appear in one of the four opponent Kingdoms.• Towers of Fury contain resources and neutral troops• Jarls of a Kingdom where Towers... (read more)

The Great Sage's Riddle

19.12.2018, 02:17

Skål, Jarls!   They say that all famous strategists have developed logical thinking. The Great Sage wanted to test the Jarls of the North and prepared a riddle for them. 98% of those asked couldn't solve it in their head.    Will you be able to solve it?    During Batt... (read more)

The Invader Poll. December

07.12.2018, 15:28

Warriors! We announce the results of the voting!  The Invader that received the most votes is Serpent.  The Invader will be on the Global Map only from December 7 to December 13!   Jarls! Again, we want to know your opinionon the third Invader. From December 7 to December 1... (read more)

Craftsmen's secrets: gems and runes

27.08.2018, 12:18

In the North, the path to glory always goes through war. In endless battles, victory can depend on the smallest thing, whether an accurate arrow or a fine swing of an axe. Don't miss any chance to get an advantage over the enemy with bonuses from gems and runes. The Workshop for gems To enhance your... (read more)

The Gates Of Jotunheim Are Open

30.07.2018, 23:59

Jotunheim is the land where crafty giants resign, within the rocks and ice; their throne sits high. You can spot the structure on the map. The gates will open on the 20th of July, so sharpen your axes, train your men and be ready for a fight of epic proportions.The fight for the ThroneYou can move t... (read more)

Global competition and more

15.07.2018, 02:31

Hello there Vikings!The last update brought us some interesting news, such as a challenging competition and some cool features!   Global competition: The Kingdom's battle Make your way to the top in this new competition, and show your foes who's the one who makes rules in this world! Complete ... (read more)