Update: Quests, boosts, mini-map, and much more

01.08.2019, 13:33

Added:• New QuestsFrom now on, the Quests window has three additional tabs with daily, weekly, and monthly Quests. Complete them to earn special points and receive unique Coffers of items as rewards.• Troop Enlargement in Onslaught boostYour troop headcount in an Onslaught will be increased by 150, ... (read more)

Scouts and espionage

09.07.2019, 09:05

Skål, Jarls! There are a lot of interesting things to do in Vikings: War of Clans. Today we would like to talk about espionage.Let's remember the basic facts about scouts.- They are the only warriors in tier I that require Silver for training.- They have their own Knowledge branch in the Oracle.- Sc... (read more)

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