Game Update: Polarbear 1020

14.02.2021, 21:48

The schedule rollout plan for Anglosphere servers:February 17, 2021- United States (UTC -5): 9:03 am / 09:03- United Kingdom (UTC): 2:03 pm / 14:03February 18, 2021- Australia (UTC +11): 1:03 am / 01:03- Check with your local time here.Expected Downtime: 5 minutesAll the details about this new updat... (read more)

Game Update: Polarbear 936.1

11.12.2020, 21:05

The schedule rollout plan for Anglosphere servers:December 18, 2020- United States (UTC -5): 07:03 am / 07:03- United Kingdom (UTC): 12:03 pm / 12:03- Australia (UTC +11): 23:03 pm / 23:03- Check with your local time here.Expected Downtime: ~ 15 minFeatures:TL-8773 – When an alliance member is warne... (read more)

Game Update: Release Polarbear 882

24.10.2020, 23:59

The schedule rollout plan for Anglosphere servers:October 30th, 2020- United States (UTC -4): 10:03 am / 10:03- United Kingdom (UTC): 02:03 pm / 14:03- Check with your local time here.October 31st, 2020- Australia (UTC +11): 01:03 am / 01:03- Check with your local time here.Expected Downtime: ~ 10 m... (read more)

Codex Victoria x2 speed

10.04.2020, 11:36

Dear players!We're happy to announce that the annual gameworld Codex Victoria x2 Speedwill start on April 16, 2020.General information about the game world:ts20.anglosphere.travian.comStart DateApril 16, 2020Start TimeUS: 07:00 am (GMT-4) server timeUK: 12:00 pm (GMT+1)AU: 09:00 pm (GMT+10)Your loca... (read more)

[Anglosphere] Truce for Christmas and New Year

17.12.2019, 01:10

Dear players!It is that time of year again, when we hear "Jingle bells" and "White Christmas" wherever we go. Several players have asked when the truces will be this year. We have asked ourselves the same question and you can see the result of our discussions below. All servers that are not already ... (read more)

Halloween Picture Contest 2019 ~ Highlights

03.11.2019, 23:59

Did you spend a spooky Halloween this year? Some Travian-players certainly did!Our Halloween picture contest is now a tradition on our Forum, but every year we are stoked by your creativity. You always go the extra mile with your Halloween art!Once again we were not disappointed. Let’s check out som... (read more)

[Qualifications] World Wonder look

07.10.2019, 20:05

Dear community,Qualification rounds are now in their endgame phase. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected issue the announced Tribal specific look of World Wonders was invisible in the current interface and it can’t be easily fixed since it requires changes of the World Wonder position in the village ... (read more)

⭐ NEW ⭐ - Upcoming features

09.09.2019, 18:50

Dear players,the upcoming changelog contains quite a number of new features and adjustments that were implemented into the game by request from the community, Legends on Tour participants and Community Ambassadors.Artefacts:Morale bonus has been removed from villages that hold an artefact.The artefa... (read more)

Legends on Tour 2019 – Day 1

07.05.2019, 23:59

They are here! Our 8 Legends safely landed in Munich and we can already tell that they are very eager to discuss everything Travian: Legends-related. Some of them even crossed the ocean to join us, but they seem to be coping pretty well with the jetlag. Or maybe it was the coffee…For the next 4 days... (read more)

Happy New Year! ~ Our Plans for 2019

06.01.2019, 23:59

Happy 2019, everyone! While we are saying goodbye to a year full of great achievements (Path to Pandora, anyone?!), we would like to give you some spoilers about what’s coming up in 2019… and of course, it’s going to start with a BANG!New Year’s Special 2019 ~ 5x SpeedIn January some of our biggest ... (read more)

Travian: Path to Pandora

30.07.2018, 23:59

Jotunheim is the land where crafty giants resign, within the rocks and ice; their throne sits high. You can spot the structure on the map. The gates will open on the 20th of July, so sharpen your axes, train your men and be ready for a fight of epic proportions.The fight for the ThroneYou can move t... (read more)

Scattered Empire in details - new interview

07.09.2015, 12:42

Quick information for all lore geeks among Travian community - new interview carried out by Martin (Minister of Information in Travian) is available on official forums. This time Martin interviewed Jake, game designer. Here is the excerpt to encourage you to read the whole piece: What exactly is Sca... (read more)

Haven't you received pts for any game?!

24.11.2014, 15:48

Dear Gamekitters!Haven't you received pts for any game? Now it will be easier to inform us about it! Go to our contact page, enter your e-mail, choose the game for which you want to receive pts and upload the screenshot. Remember that the photo must show the completed task and your username! Thanks ... (read more)