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Completing Quest 2

Added butihavemychicken 23.04.2019, 17:01

So, I know they say they won't accept a screen showing me at level 13 when the quest is get to level 10.

Is there a way to skip the quest or do I have to wait the 8+ days?

Also, would it be against the rules to delete my throne/plarium account, remake it and get the screenshot?

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24.04.2019, 00:04

Hello, butihavemychicken. Please try submitting the screenshot anyways as we normally accept them if they are only a little bit over. If it is not accepted, but you signed up with our link, you can contact support at for help.
Also, there is no way to skip the quest and I do not recommend trying to recreate your account.



24.04.2019, 13:29

Thanks, Sweg. You have been very helpful and quick to reply on here.

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