Changes to the Orders War

27.01.2020, 15:20

Lords, check out the changes to the Orders War!1. Tasks have been divided into seven categories. To gain victory in the Tournament, you need to be the leader in most of these categories.2. Personal achievements have been added. You will receive a reward if your Order gains victory in the Tournament.... (read more)


14.10.2019, 18:10

Are you wearing your fingers out scrolling the World Map? Not any more! Now, thanks to the mini-map, you can find the object you need in just a few seconds.The new compact mode allows you to always see the locations of Castles, including Rebels' Towers, on the World Map. By applying special filters,... (read more)

Maintenance on the portal

10.09.2019, 17:02

Lords!On September 10, from 10 p.m. until 11:59 p.m. (UTC+0), maintenance is planned on the portal and Plarium Play platform. During this time, logging in to the game via these platforms may be restricted. Don't forget to activate Inaccessibility!Thank you for your understanding and pati... (read more)

The "Gift for the Master" contest

08.08.2019, 15:57

Lords! The anniversary of the Kingdoms of Amaria has coincided with Master Cunningham's birthday and Counselor Kevin faces a tough task – to choose a gift for the Master.The rank-and-file soldiers informed Kevin that the Master has begun construction in his Palace and a talisman with construction bo... (read more)

Results of the first Kingdoms War: Rebellion

16.07.2019, 15:04

The first Kingdoms War: Rebellion Tournament is now over. We've put together some interesting statistics for you.What do you remember about the Tournament?Source:

A math problem for the wise

24.06.2019, 08:50

Hello Lords!We have an exercise for you that seems easy only at first glance. Can you solve it and explain your answer?Source:

The "Stolen equipment" contest

21.05.2019, 11:57

Lords!Enemy spies have snuck into the Workshop at night and stolen the Hero's equipment. Help us get it back.The Hero doesn't remember the names of the lost pieces of equipment but is ready to give you hints that will be useful in your search:When my cavalry troops saw this sword, they rushed enthus... (read more)

Displayed Inquisitors' bonuses corrected

06.02.2019, 03:44

Fixed:- Displayed characteristics influenced by the Inquisitors' bonuses and DoctrinesNow the parameters increased with the Inquisitors' help are displayed correctly.For the game to work properly, don't forget to download the latest version:App Store - Market - http://bi... (read more)

The Assailant Poll. January

11.01.2019, 12:45

Let’s find out the winner. First position goes to the Savage. The Assailant will appear on January 11 at 2:01 a.m. and leave your lands on January 18 at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+0).Select the enemy you want to fight against.‼️The Assailant that gets the most votes in the Facebook and VK groups will become yo... (read more)

Battle schedule from 17.12 to 23.12

17.12.2018, 07:40

The schedule of events for the next week. Grand Inquisition: Adrian's Candles — from December 17 to December 23 The Executioner — from December 20 to December 26 The Bloody Duke — from December 21 to December 27 The Black Magician — from December 21 to December 27 Orders War — from December 18 ... (read more)

The Assailant Poll. December

07.12.2018, 15:34

The Fugitive received the most votes. You can fight the Assailant from 2:01 a.m. on 07.12.2018 until 12:00 a.m. on 14.12.2018 (UTC+0).   Select the enemy you want to fight against. ⚔️ Tell us why you attack Assailants: to get materials or earn points in Tournaments? The Assailant that get... (read more)

July Worldwide Tournaments & Updates

26.07.2018, 22:00

Hello rulers!The battle schedule of worldwide tournaments for this week has been released. The Orders War took place from 2018/7/24 to 2018/7/25.The Kingdoms War will take place from 2018/7/27 to 2018/7/29. Get excited!In addition, changes for the Kingdom’s war were made in June and carry on i... (read more)

The new Assailants

10.07.2018, 14:23

Greetings Lords! Recently the game gave the community the opportunity to choose which Assailant would've came through votes, which have finally ended. We now have a new Assailant!   A new threat: Saracen  It's sorted: the new Assailant will be the Saracen! It will only be available ... (read more)