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Is it worth it?

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Hey guys I noticed the game is 48GB! How long does it take to get to lv 15?

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14.07.2017, 22:29
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It depends on your internet speed and how much you want to play, if it's worth the $5 quest ($1 approx 570pt).

It /is/ a game I've wanted to play for a while, but just now have a rig that can fit it. So personally, Yes.

I don't recommend downloading from Steam, as I can't get it to work without launching from its installation location AND with Steam closed. Many complaints on the Steam forums I shoulda checked first >< Steam also couldn't download at the peak speed my card can run all the time. Torrent might be best.

Also what are the other quests? I just did the lvl5 but would like to know the rest-thanks :D

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15.07.2017, 10:25

Hey thanks for the reply! Is it hard to lv up?



16.07.2017, 21:14

not at all! you get guided along, and hit 10 about 30min afterlvl 5 if you only do the quests. I'm 12 now and seems that a dungeon is next, which it bound to get me at 15 in a another 30min. About 1.5hr total I'm guessing. Press Escape to skip the cutscenes



03.02.2018, 02:29

I finished all the quests in 2 hours. And the game itself was kinda fun.

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