Gamekit and Tera not on the same page?

Added Lyagro 24.05.2017, 05:41

So I make a character in game, the game accepted it. I put the name in the exact same way into gamekit....Fine, now I do level 5 and 10 screen shots, and both are turned down? Seems odd....More so since tera added a period (.) between the names. Didn't mention anything about this when I used the name, but the game accepted the name as is.

So if Terra adds unwanted periods, and drawing the two names together. So First Last becomes First.Last, one would think gamekit would know this and fix it automatically. If not, then the peeps checking screen shots could do the very simple math and go "oh. Tera screwed up again." After all Tera didnt tell me they added the period. Hell couldn't even see the (.) in game. Only noted it in the screen shots after gamekit dropped the ball on the very simple screw up. So yeah, how to fix this before I miss out on the second quest as I did the first cause gamekit peeps can't be bothered to put 1 and 1 together. *LOL*

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25.05.2017, 04:30

In their defense other games allow special characters. Also they state to have thousands of proofs to evaluate. I hope you sent a ticket so this will be addressed.