New event: Phantom's Keep and more

10.07.2018, 01:32

Hello fellow Gamekit users!TERA returns with some content that's been away for some while: Phantom's Keep will be coming on July 12.       Dungeon - Dreadspire (revamped) Be excited for the revamped dungeon Dreadspire, bringing 10 new challenges to test your skills with a team of up ... (read more)

Halloween News for Tera

24.10.2017, 02:43

Halloween is less than two weeks away and Tera is having its annual Halloween Celebrations. The Celebrations began on October 19th in the Eldrich Academy! Players need to collect Halloween Candies in order to repel starving monsters who want all the candies for themselves.&n... (read more)

Flash news - free Bloodforge pack keys!

30.09.2015, 14:49

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. It's giveaway time! (be quick!) Gamekitters, hurry up! The exclusive Alienware Bloodforge Pack giveaway ends tomorrow! Grab your free key while you can! Only about 5000 keys are left! Why I post so many explanation marks?! #freeisalwaysgood ;-) T... (read more)

Flash news - back to school

25.09.2015, 15:55

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Homework done! (and news prepared!) New items in store are ready to purchase. What kind of goods players can expect? Thanks to the TERA Store , you can be part of the fun with new costumes, accessories, and loot boxes! Beginning Thursday, Septemb... (read more)

Take a part in Autumn Loading Screens contest

23.09.2015, 15:22

Gamekitters, you know how to get 5000 EMPs in the TERA? All you need to do is to win the Autumn Loading Screens contest! Yay! :DWell, "easier said than done" you would think. And probably you have right, but one who doesn't try never will get rewarded, amiright? Here’s how to enter the contes... (read more)

New Battleground Event - PvP fans are welcomed

08.09.2015, 13:21

Quick news for all TERA fans out there - starting today you'll find a battleground event in Fraywind Canyon in which you'll receive a reward chest for every third round (no matter if won or lost!).Nothing last forever, so make your mind and play before it's too late. The event will remain active un... (read more)

How to look cool in TERA - new shop update

07.09.2015, 12:58

This doesn't end, my friends. Fashion is changing, even in games. If you are bored of your character's looks, now you can have the opportunity to refresh set of clothes, bringing the attention of everyone. Envy of other players is free of charge. ;-) The list of changes: Package: Nightshadow Master... (read more)

New Rewards System in Gridiron

26.08.2015, 17:41

Starting from 25th of August till 8th of September a new battleground event in store with some optimized rewards takes place. What's new? Reward boxes for ranks 1 to 10 are removed and for every third round won or lost there are a reward box for players. As you can see, every one who will play at le... (read more)


23.12.2014, 15:57

Dear players! Check out the Heroic Chest! You will be able to find there winter accessories. It contains one of the following hats: Stylish HeadphonesJeweled Fur HatWhite EarmuffsUshankaBlue Bobble Hat


09.09.2014, 00:00

Dear players, Between 9th September and 16th September TERA Club Members may get treasured and valuable scrolls in the Arcane Parchment Chest! Click here and check details how you can improve your equipment.


12.08.2014, 00:00

Dear Players, Now you can find the new heroic chest in the shop! It possesses one out of five amazing Riding Skills and one out of four consumables. Click here to check details!


08.08.2014, 14:51

Dear players, Log in to the game 3 days in a row: on 8th, 9th and 10th August and get upus Noctus, a Snow Blossom Weapon Skin, and the pet Carnivorous Plant. Remember, each day - one gift!What's more, there is a 50% chance to get a semi-enigmatic scroll from many dungeons, for example Shattered Flee... (read more)


04.07.2014, 12:11

Dear players, During this weekend, you can double credits in one of the three Battlegrounds!- On Friday from 20 till 22 - Champions'Skyring- On Saturday from 20 till 22 - Fraywind Canyon- On Sunday from 19 till 21 0 Corsairs'Stronghold.