New international server Sotuta now available!

02.02.2021, 23:59

Dear Ahaus,Due to increased demand, we are launching a new international server right now:Sotuta (int32) is now available!Sotutafeatures standard settings and is open to players of all nationalities and languages.Access the newly startedSotutavia the following ... (read more)

New Super Speed Server Altepexi now available!

10.11.2020, 00:17

Hello Ahaus,A new super speed server round is coming to Tentlan! This coming Wednesday (November 11th), the new international worldAltepexi will begin featuringsix times (x6) the usual speed. That meanssuper fast construction, research, recruitment, travel times, and resources abound! But careful, b... (read more)

(Updated) Server merges - September 2020

12.09.2020, 00:28

Hello Ahaus,It's merge season once again! As with last time, all merged servers will be economy super speed (x6 speed in everything but travel times, which will remain standard).Ready? Here's what's coming, take note:Group 1:Kecholak (intm28):Thursday 17th, 16:00 CEST:English Quirigua (en20)German I... (read more)