Screenshot problems

Added str_tiggerr 03.02.2016, 00:44

I've submitted 5 screenshots so far for the first quest - Reach Level 5. Of those 5, the first 2 were rejected for not being full screen, even though they were covering the absolute edges of the screen, and the last 3 were rejected for being over-completed, which is a very f-ed up logic since i have been to level 5 in order to get to level 14 (one on later screenshots). Note, all 5 screenshots were the exact same size as all other screenshots I have submitted for browser games, including the ones for the pirates game made by the exact same company. Can you make up your mind and fix this please?! Thank you!

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06.02.2016, 21:49

same here
2 screenshort rejected for no real reason " anti cheat"



08.02.2016, 12:32

Alright fellas, I have a tested solution - change to the other server, you start at level 1 with your same game nickname.



15.01.2017, 23:17

it's stupid how its cheating if there are someone who actually like the crappy game and play normally and not receive any points for "cheating"

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