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17.12.2014, 09:17

Hello! We've got a special task for you! We count on your technical skills this time. You will need to know our website perfectly and to use a bit of sense of humor. What do you have to do? 1. Create an amazing video about Present how the website looks lik... (read more)


11.12.2014, 14:38

Dear Gamekitters, Are you thinking about preparing a videoguide about your favourite games? Have you prepared any guide yet? Would you like to share it with us and increase the number of views? We found a good solution! If you are interested, contact our moderator: (read more)

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08.12.2014, 14:48

Dear Gamekitters, Do you want to earn more pts easily? Great, because we prepared another option for you! We are looking for the users who will write news about the games from the list below on our website. If you are up to date with the news about your favourite game, contact our moderator: http:/... (read more)

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24.11.2014, 15:48

Dear Gamekitters!Haven't you received pts for any game? Now it will be easier to inform us about it! Go to our contact page, enter your e-mail, choose the game for which you want to receive pts and upload the screenshot. Remember that the photo must show the completed task and your username! Thanks ... (read more)


31.07.2014, 15:12

Hi! There are new tutorials on the Official Stardoll YouTube! Click here to check them out and learn new hair and makeup techniques!


07.07.2014, 12:17

Hi, Do you want to become the #faceofLE? Do you want to win an exclusive LE item? Take a Stardoll selfie and be in the spotlight!

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